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ID: N0133 Alena
Country: Ukraine
City: Vinnitsa
Date of Birth:
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height (cm): 16
Weight (kg):
Marital status:
Drink alcohol: occasionally
Smoke: no
English level: can read with dictionary
Person age from:
37 to 50

Self description: I like modern, speedy, active, healthy way of life. I am not bound with any politic or religious believes. So, I think my success and happiness depend on me and people around me. I love my profession. I want to develop and study others’ adore professionality and talent in all spheres of activity. I like to rest with a cheerful and communicative company. I want to travel around the world with my family. Study new countries, new people and new traditions. I like kids. I want to raise and care about my kids and make everything to develop their talents.
Eye colour:  brown
Hair colour:

Religion: Orthodox
Nationality: Ukrainian

Profession: manicure master
Hobbies and interests: I feel comfort when I rest on nature and on mass concerts. Dinner at home and feel the nice around of a kind restaurant. I like it in my life. Our life is given us to feel comfort in and make benefits in other.
What you are looking in your partner: I don’t care what color of eyes my man will have. I need to see a man’s charism in him. Sporty sight and he must have his own interests, his own matter and know how to develop it .I have nothing against skinny or full people. That is just not my type. I think that is just lazy people, who don’t want to work. My man must understand the essence of a woman in his life. He must build and not find out relations. He needs a family. I want to feel care from my man.

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